Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MM-MMM-Minx! by K.T. McCall

When a guy goes overboard for this redhead he finds himself landed with murder......

The trouble with the Buchanans is that they are all gentlemen under the wolf pelt. So when a lady's dignity is outraged it's good ol' Johnny to the rescue. But his boss, Chet Fraser, thinks business should be combined with all the pleasures, so Johnny had to protect the insurance policy, in this case her millionaire father. One would think that's pleasure? Brother, try tracing a corpse that keeps right on communicating with the living. And see how one stood up to missing death at least three times an hour. Johnny had one compensation, his  own policewoman helpmate, named Sarah. Maybe it's an old fashioned name, but this lady looks were strictly on the up and up. Then father decided to taker a cruise, and from there on things got complicated. The lady was mislaid, but Johnny came to the rescue again, only this time not by choice! He found her, enjoying the wide open spaces underwater, they figured on Johnny joining her, with adhesive across his mouth and hands and feet tied, solidly weighted down. Till death do they part.......

Printing History
Written by Audrey Armitage and Muriel Watkins

Horwtiz Publications Inc.
Johnny Buchanan Series #15 (February 1958)

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  1. That's actually some really interesting artwork, Scott - thanks for sharing.