Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Target: Point Zero by Mack Maloney

He Is The Last Hope For Ravaged America!

Freedom Kill
It's been five years since the Big War incinerated America in nuclear fire, and anarchists dealt libery a final, savage blow. Now, out of the ashes of rebellion emerges an unstoppable military force of freedom fighters determined to re-civilize the U.S. In the forefront is fearless top-gun pilot, Hawk Hunter "The Wingman" waging a never-ending battle to keep the true spirit of America alive! but Hunter's greatest challenge is yet to come. Viktor Robotov, one of the world's most cunning master criminals, is piloting the Russian designed Zon space shuttle to amass derelict American "Star Wars" satellites to control the skies, including the Earth. But first he has to a series of spectacular bombing raids, Hunter has obliterated every docking strip from Malta to Rangoon. The only one left is Lolita Island, a barren atoll off the coast of Southeast Asia. As Viktor's squadron approaches, escorted by a troop of battle ready Asian cult mercenaries, Hawk and his allies must call on every resource they possess to wrest the future of democracy from the clutches of vicious tyranny, in a swift and bloody battle to the death!

Wingman #12

Printing History
written by Brian Kelleher
copyright 1996

Kensington Publishing Corp
Pinnacle Books
ISBN 7860 299
August 1996

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