Monday, February 10, 2014

Undercover Cutie by Marc Brody

So the brunette's diving into blackmail....
Follow her and you will end up deep in murder....

Savagely and suddenly the little man was murdered before Brody could reach him. Murdered because he might have linked the wrong people with secrets of mobsters, rackets, and tremendous undercover manipulations. He might have revealed where big shot hoodlum Phil Candone was hiding from the hearings of a Senate Investigation Committee, and where he was heading. So the story to be scooped was to find Candone. So off to Siam Brody did go with some company.  A senator who had reasons to be nervous. Crooks who would kill at the flip of an eyelid. An undercover cutie who was brunette and gorgeous with a way that helped her learn plenty for profit. A beautiful blond who wasn't only the perfect secretary. And the fabulous Walter Augustus Latimer who took Brody to visit the flower of his heart.....Gadea. "The most popular dame in the joint." It was some trip until Brody found himself tied to a tree with that elephant aiming to ramrod his head against his chest. Why didn't someone remind Brody that elephants never forget.

Printing History
Written by W.H. "Bill" Williams

Horwitz Publications, Inc

Numbered Series #2
January 1958

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