Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace

Four young, handsome, immensely wealthy vigilantes who kill people in the name of Justice

  George Manfred, Leon Gonsalez, and Raymond Poiccart, who recruit a fourth, Thery, in their campaign to punish wrong-doers who are beyond the reach of the law.

The Films

Silent Film
Directed by George Ridgwell
Starring Cecil Humphreys, Teddy Arundell and Charles Croker-King


Directed by Walter Forde 
Starring Hugh Sinclair, Griffith Jones, Edward Chapman and Frank Lawton

1959 (TV Series)

One Season of 39 Episodes

Richard Conte as Jeff Ryder
Dan Dailey as Tim Collier
Jack Hawkins as Ben Manfred
Vittorio De Sica as Ricco Poccari

Printing History
Written by Edgar Wallace  (1875-1932)


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