Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Rockford Files (1974-1980)

James Garner (1928-2014) portrays Los Angeles-based private investigator Jim Rockford

In the 1970s, Roy Huggins had an idea to remake Maverick, but this time as a modern-day private detective. Huggins teamed with co-creator Stephen J. Cannell, and the pair tapped Garner to attempt to rekindle the success of Maverick, eventually recycling many of the plots from the original series. Starting with the 1974 season, Garner appeared as private investigator Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files. He appeared for six seasons, for which he received an Emmy Award for Best Actor in 1977.

In Remembrance Of
James Scott Bumgarner (April 7, 1928 to July 19, 2014)

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