Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kill Now, Pay Later by Robert Kyle

She had a glass in one hand, a champagne bottle in the other, 
and trouble splashed all over her lovely body.

Ben Gates Mystery
When Ben Gates took the job guarding the presents at a ritzy upper-class wedding, he thought it would be a simple assignment Stand around, look tough, and make sure none of the bridesmaids walk off with the jewelry.  But that was before someone slipped sleeping pills into Ben’s coffee and a bizarre robbery attempt left two people dead. Now Ben’s reputation is on the line and if he doesn’t figure out which of three beautiful women is hiding a murderous secret, his life may be as well.

Printing History
Written by Robert Terrall (1914-2009)

Dell Books

Hard Case Crime
March 2011
May 2014


  1. I just saw a Peter Gunn episode with this title on Hulu.

  2. Interesting, Scott, how similar those two poses are on the two different covers.

  3. Robert McGinnis done both covers