Monday, September 1, 2014

USA Fiction Challenge: Minnesota

The next stop in the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge is in the land of 10,000 lakes.

In The Lake Of The Woods
by Tim O'Brien

Follows the struggle of John Wade as he deals with a recently failed campaign for the United States Senate. He discovers one morning that his wife Kathy is missing.

   The use of flashbacks of John's childhood, his college years, and his Vietnam experiences, as well as testimony and evidence from other characters, this provides several hypotheses for the disappearance of Kathy Wade. Numerous alternatives were presented over the course of the novel. Maybe Kathy had sped over the lake too quickly and was tossed into the lake and drowned. Perhaps she had become lost in the wilderness and ran out of supplies. Or possibly John had killed her in the bedroom one night.

Printing History
Written by William Timothy O'Brien (1946- )

Penguin Books
January 1995
ISBN 14 025094

The Film
John Waylan is a candidate for U.S. senator. Near the end of the campaign he is accused of ordering and participating in a massacre in a Vietnamese village. The accusation kills his career, and severely endangers his marriage. When he and Kathy flee to an isolated cabin, he awakes one morning to find her gone. Questions are asked, answers are given or hinted at, as the tension and suspense build. 

 Kathleen Quinlan as Kathy Waylan
 Peter Strauss as John Waylan
 Peter Boyle as Tony Carbo
 Nancy Sorel as Pat Hood
 Richard Anderson as Claude Rasmussen
Hrothgar Mathews as Nat Leming
Ken Pogue as Sheriff Art Lux

This author was born in my father's home town of Austin Minnesota

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  1. Sounds like this one has a lot of atmosphere, Scott!