Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Sky Ghost by Mack Maloney

In a strange new world called America
The future is in danger......
And the past is just beginning.

Atomic Nightmare
Only Hawk Hunter had the courage to divert a deadly comet blazing toward Earth. By storming it headfirst! The kamikaze mission saved the planet, but for Hawk Hunter "The Wingman", a strange new war is just beginning. From the shattered wreckage of the Zon space shuttle, the dazed ace fighter pilot awakens in an alternate world To face history's most infamous battle ...again.

On this Earth, World War II has never ended, the London Blitz still rages but the British capital is a Nazi occupied site for allied bombers, and this time, it's the American shores that are targeted for invasion, by German forces. Their weapon is the A-bomb And only Hawk Hunter can stop them. He has no choice. It's the last prayer of getting back to his Earth alive. Now, trapped between two worlds, caught between wars on both coasts, there's only way to save the future of this America. By winning World War II again!

Wingman #14

Printing History
Written by Brian Kelleher

Kensington Publishing Corp
Pinnacle Books 
November 1997
ISBN 7860 0452

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