Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When Eight Bells Toll by Alister MacLean

Philip Calvert, a ruthless agent for Britain's secret service, outwits a gang of modern pirates operating on the Irish Sea.

Secret agent Phillip Calvert is sent to investigate the hijacking of five cargo ships in the Irish Sea Phillip manages to track the latest hijacked ship, the Nantesville, to the Scottish Highlands and the sleepy port town of Torbay. The cargo ship was carrying £8 million in gold bullion. He boards the ship under cover of night and finds that two agents planted aboard have been murdered. The chief suspect is shipping magnate Sir Anthony Skouros. His yacht is anchored in Torbay. Operating out of his own yacht Firecrest, Calvert is joined by Skouros's wife, Charlotte, and by his boss Sir Arthur Arnford-Jason, known as "Uncle Arthur". Calvert's frantic search for the hijackers and for the hostages they hold takes him over the remote isles and sea lochs and forces him to make allies of some unlikely locals.

Printing History
Written by Alistair Stuart MacLean (1922-1987)

HarperCollins (UK)1966
Doubleday (USA) 1966
Fontana (UK) 1967

The Film

 Directed by Etienne Perier

Anthony Hopkins as Philip Calvert
Robert Morley as Uncle Arthur
Nathalie Delon as Charlotte
Jack Hawkins as Sir Anthony Skouras
Corin Redgrave as Hunslett
Derek Bond as Lord Charnley

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