Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Baby Was Blasted by Marc Brody

My Baby Was Blasted
by Marc Brody

What happened to Jimmy Delmar after that wild Hollywood party? Vicki Carver told Marc Brody, "I killed him...but I didn't kill him!" Vicky invited Marc to her dressing room to tell him more. "Tomorrow might be too late," she said. And tomorrow was too late for Vicky, there would never be anymore tomorrows for her. But was it an accident, suicide, or murder? Someone rang Brody and said, "I know who set Vicky up for the kill." But a killer with an ice pick had a start on him. Guy Stapleton died in Marc's arms. And there were more suspects than hairs on a bearded lady. Ravenne Polvani, the beautiful drug addict. Nina Carver, who wasn't Vicky's sister after all. Alvaro Darcel, who had his own peculiar talent for certain tasks. Ageing playboy Chris Lavery, Marc didn't know till he met Cicely Trivago, the beautiful uninhibited redhead. But then it was too late.....

Printing History
Written by William Henry (W. H.) Williams

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