Monday, August 20, 2018

Operation: Lust by M. E. Knerr

Gorgeous models were sacrificed to greedy depravity by filthy flesh peddlers
...who stopped at nothing!

had driven lovely model Betty Gilbert to suicide. In Eric Malloy's book it was spelled MURDER. Eric had been a rugged combat pilot. But when he set out to smash the blood sucking hoodlums who preyed on beautiful girls, he ran into more than flak and tracers! Starting at a shabby dance hall, where the slogan was DEATH FOR A DIME, the big Irishman followed a torrid trail of murdered dolls from bedroom to bedroom. Battered by gang fists and blasted at by gang guns, he bulled ahead to the
Passionate Payoff

Printing History
 Written by Michael E Knerr (1936-1999)

Art Enterprises, Inc
Epic Books

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