Thursday, August 9, 2018

Save Her For Loving by William Johnston

Then The Trouble Started......
Cover by Harry Barton

 Tony Lajte was a driller until wealthy Maggie Low, blues headliner at the Village Nest, made him her hang around man. All he had to do to earn his keep was to be around when she "wanted" him, and she wanted him most of the time. He was really cooling it until he spotted luscious Janet Sill, Nest owner Jack Kip's mistress, and decided he'd rather be her hang around man. But Janet's abundant charms could only be had for a price. Tony's only source for scratch was Maggie, and she wasn't giving. The real trouble started when Maggie learned about Janet. And that's when Tony found himself between a knife wielding Maggie, who threatened to carve him up if he cut loose from her, a hip tossing Janet, who refused to play house without a bundle of loot, and a sadistically jealous Kip, who promised to fix Tony's clock for good.

Printing History
Written by William Johnston (1924-2010)

Monarch Books
September 1962

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