Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Grip Of Lust by Guy Corbett

The Grip Of Lust

HERE is the inside story of what goes on between men and women---


The Greek Girl: Who could turn the back seat of an old car into the most comfortable couch in the world

Mrs. Wickert: Who hated her daughter's moral code, and taunted her for protecting her virginity!

Rebecca: Faithful wife, mother of six children, who discovered the thrill of sex with a stranger in the park!

Yolanda: Who held onto her virginity.....until her tenth year!

Guy Corbett reports the story Kinsey missed. He tells it with skill and power...candidly depicting the art of the seducer, the violence of the rapist, the guilt of the adulterer, the shame of the homosexual, the love of the harlot and the plight of the frigid woman!

Printing History
Written by Guy Corbett

Newstand Library Books 
February 1960

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