Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bullet For Fidel

The first title released by Award books in 1965 was A Bullet For Fidel. This entry in the Nick Carter Killmaster series was number seven and was written by Valerie Moolman and published in March 1965. AXE agent, David Trainor  posing as a returning refugee, is killed after attempting to sail from Florida to Cuba. As he was dying, he managed to daub the word 'star' on the floor in his own blood.  Nick Carter is sent to investigate, by posing as a British tobacco magnate, Lord Straven. Nick Carmela Estrella (Estrella is 'star’in Spanish) an owner of a casino/nightclub. Nick learns that her business associate, Carlos Ramon Y'Ortega, is building a secretive, luxury hotel resort in the mountains near the town of  Santiago de Cuba on the far southwest of the island of Cuba. Nick Carter sets out to investigate and learns that the Chinese communists are building a secret missile base. In the end the base is destroyed.

Below are various covers published in the United States and United Kingdom.

Second (July 1966) and third (August 1966) printings with the same original book number A130F.

There might be a fourth printing but I do not have any evidence there existed with the same original book number. The next scan is the last printing published in the USA in around 1974 (AN1271) and the first one with Tandem Books in 1969 (SBN 4260 3914 9). Digit House did publish this title but I have not seen it yet.

The last scans are from 1975 (SBN 426 12562 2) and 1979 (ISBN 352 30468 5) by Tandem and Star. W.H. Allen & Co. LTD published both Tandem and Star books as well as Universal Books. All three have seen Nick Carter covers.

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