Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spy Castle: Nick Carter #12

Spy Castle was the first title published by Award Books in January 1966 and was written by Manning Lee Stokes. This title was concurrently published with Web Of Spies.

Publishing History
First Award Printing (A166F) January 1966
Second Award Printing (A289X) September 1967
First Tandem Printing  1966
Second Tandem Printing (T174) September 1967
Third Tandem Printing 1973
Fourth Tandem Printing 1975

Britain's top secret group has been infiltrated and subverted. When the bomb goes off, heads of state from around the world receive Pendragon's ultimatum. Nick assumes his cover and meets with Gwen Leith in the Scottish Moors. He meets notorious Lady Brett Hardesty as he breaks in and out of a fortress. Nick wages a one man war against Pendragon.

Second printings from Award and Tandem


Notes: There are probably more Award printings with the same book number A289X. Notably from 1969 and 1970. Award had a habit of reprinting titles with the same book number through out the series.

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