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The tenth Killmaster novel is Istanbul and was written by Manning Lee Stokes. Istanbul was published in October 1965. If it had been only opium smuggling across the Turkish Border or the savage murder of a girl named Mija at the notorious Cinema Blue. AXE would had never been involved. But the stakes were very high. Nothing less than the total destruction of the world in World War III. Nick's mission was to kill four men. These men were part of a local murder for hire for the largest drug syndicate in the world. The men, Maurice Defarge, Dr Joseph Six, Carlos Gonzalaz, and Johnny Ruthless. At the left is the cover scan of the first printing (A152F).

              Printing History
  1. First Award Oct 1965 (A152F)
  2. Second Award Aug 1966 (A152)
  3. Third Award 1968 (A384F)
  4. First Tandem 1968 (T244)
  5. Fourth Award 1970 (A640X) Error on flysleeve
  6. Second Tandem 1971 (426 5792 9)
  7. Fifth Award 1972 (AN1095) 12 Million mark
  8. Sixth Award 1974 (AN1095) 17 Million mark
  9. First Charter  January 1981 (441 37483 2) Large Print Edition.

Second and Third Award Printings

1970 and 1972 Award reprints

A 1974 Award Reprint and Charter First Printing from January 1981. Award book has the same cover design as the two previous editions. The only difference is the stated books in print.
 Tandem Printings

Notes: There is probably a 1969 printing out there with the Award book number of A384F. And maybe a stray or two Tandem  reprints.  Thanks for visiting.                                     

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  1. Love to read Nick Carter's VATICAN VENDETTA and BLACK DEATH !