Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Web Of Spies: Nick Carter #11

Published with Spy Castle, Web Of Spies was also published in January 1966. As with Spy Castle, Manning Lee Stokes was credited as writing Web Of Spies. Those are the only similarities between both titles. In the UK Web Of Spies was published by Mayflower Books in 1967.

Somewhere in Spain's Costa Brava a beautiful Englishwomen was being seduced. Alicia Todd was one of the world's scientific brains. She was being persuaded to defect to the East. Nick Carter was somewhere in the area. His orders were the same as the Soviets, win Alicia Todd over or kill her. But there was a third group in the Costa Brava. Die Spinne..The Spinners. They were notorious for smuggling ex-Nazis out of Germany. Alicia Todd  was the bait.

Publishing History
First Award Printing (A163F) January 1966
Second Award Printing (A288X) September 1967
First Mayflower Printing (9441-8)  1967
Second Mayflower Printing 1968
Third Mayflower Printing (583 11393 1 2)1969
Fourth Mayflower Printing (583 11393 1 2) 1970
Fifth Mayflower Printing (583 11393 1 2) 1974

Second Award Printing                     First Mayflower Printing
1969 Edition                                                1970 Edition
1974 Edition

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