Friday, October 22, 2010

Swan Song For A Siren

Swan Song For A Siren was the second title in the Carter Brown Numbered Series published in September 1955 by Horwitz Publications Inc. The title was revised and reissued in 1963 as Charlie Sent Me! The main character was changed from Joe Dunne to Larry Baker. The original story has our hero as a TV show writer. Eddie Sackville is America's number one comedian, and his staff does not think he is even funny. Eddie gets a bright idea for his show to write in a gag private eye. It will be good for laughs with fake bullets. But somebody put the real bullets in and somebody gets killed right before 4 million viewers. Joe goes off to see the person who started it all, a guy named Charlie.

Cover photograph by Bernard Blackburn

New American Library Signet editions. Left is the November 1963 First Printing and on the right the 3rd Printing from September 1971. A note of such. The second printing was the same as the 3rd except printed in Canada.  Cover art by Robert McGinnis.

Horwitz reissued this title under the new title Charlie Sent Me! with book number 114 in the Numbered Series. Sorry no scan of yet.

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