Monday, May 16, 2011

Assassin: Code Name Vulture by Ralph Eugene Hayes

Two men with the same face. 
One a professional assassin, the other his next victim. 
Nick Carter must find them both!

Award 2nd Printing
The Death Dealer

He was a highly paid professional, killing anyone, anywhere, for a price. A murderer who relished his work, lovingly watching each victim writhe in blood. The Intelligence establishment named him The Vulture "the scarlet vulture," his mechanized talons dripping with human blood. Destroying The Vulture was Nick Carter "Killmaster" next assignment. But before Nick could get to his lethal quarry, he had to hunt down another man. A bizarre double of The Vulture, forced into becoming the assassin's perfect weapon, and his next victim!

Tandem Edition
Printing History

Written by Ralph Eugene Hayes 

Award AN1239 January 1974
Award AQ1454 May 1975
Tandem 18358 1977

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