Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Spanish Connection by Bruce Cassiday

In a bloody race from Mexico to Spain, Nick Carter Killmaster stalks a man he's never seen. A Mob killer running for his life from the men who knew him best.

Tandem Edition
"We want to hear the music before his throat is slit."
Those were Nick's orders. Translated, they meant that Nick has to find Rico Corelli before the Syndicate killers did. Corelli had been controlling the international drug chain from Corsica for years. But when the Mob found that their profits were slipping and Corelli's were mounting, the heat was on and Corelli was on the run. If Nick Carter got to him first, Corelli could be made to talk and the drug chain would drop in AXE's lap. If the Mafia did, there would be one more bloody name on the Mob's death list. Armed with a beautiful female narc, and a flimsy cover. AXE's chief agent begins the hunt. But the Mafia's enforcers are with him all the way. And the first corpse is a ringer for the man a Nick Carter is supposed to impersonate.

Award 2nd Printing

Printing History

Written by Bruce Cassiday
Award AN166 Sept 1973
Award AD1656 Jan 1977
Tandem 16809 1976

Bruce Cassiday had a title "Operation Goldkill" on a Nick Carter fly-sleeve around 1967.

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