Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Peking Dossier by Linda Stewart

Nick Carter combats a terrifying army, bred to kill!

George Gross cover
Born To Kill!

KAN: Whatever it meant to the Chinese, to Nick Carter it spelled death. Quick, brutal, efficient death to Americans by a squad of first-class assassins.

KAN: The ultimate death force with the ultimate weapon. A soulless, relentless army. It is Nick's most deadly assignment yet. As AXE's number one agent and his beautiful help-mate face a seemingly endless succession of single-minded, purebred murderers!

Tandem Edition
There was blood all over. It had seeped into the old wood floors, staining the obscene color of death. It had congealed in the cracks between the floorboards. It had spattered the white-muslin upholstery. An AXE-issued wrist watch lay smashed, stepped on. An AXE automatic covered in blood, sat useless on a flowered chair. And an axe, a real one, dyed red, had been tossed next to the first place.

The fireplace.

It was still glowing. Still giving off heat. In the grate was a pile of warm ashes. In the corner where it must have tumbled escaping the pyre was.....a man's hand.

Award Edition

Printing History

Written by Linda Stewart

Award AN1217 December 1973
Award AQ1388 December 1974

Tandem 17988 1976

Charter 65800 August 1979

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