Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The DumDum Murder by Carter Brown

Raven hair, scarlet leotards, she made the most beautiful corpse.....
Especially for someone who was not really dead!

Horwitz Edition
Al Wheeler knocked at the door of the moldering mansion, and there she was, looking like nature's answer to the mantrap. A blonde Amazon, too kittenish for her size, just dying to love someone to death.

Signet Edition
Celeste Campbell: A female contortionist who can twist her gorgeous curves in any guy's direction.
Sebastian: A man of mystery, a master illusionist, a crack shot.
Bruno Breck: A wizened Satan, who specialized in monologue, funny patter, and the pursuit of malice.
Antonia The Great: A blonde Amazon, six feet five inches tall, 44-26-45, a giant of a gal with a giant yen, for men.
Pop Livvy: Owner of the moldy mansion, a smooth sophisticate with a a Noel Crawford complex and dreams of past glory.

Which one of these five was the murderer? Which one is responsible for the corpse in the garage, the dead man who lies resting on the hood of an antique automobile, his throat half shot away by a vicious, soft-nosed bullet.

Double Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
as The Dum Dum Murders
Numbered Series #103 1962
International Series #54 1967
Double Edition Series #014A 1982

New American Library
Signet Books (US and Canada)
S2196 October 1962
D3348 January 1968
AE1873 November 1982
w/ The Hellcat

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