Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sign Of The Cobra by James Fritzhand

A doomsday weapon, a sadistic mass-murderer, and a vicious terror gang play a game of life and death with Nick Carter Killmaster.

Tandem Edition
A series of diplomatic hoaxes has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Shiva, a subversive organization based in India, could be responsible. Only Nick Carter Killmaster can find out for sure.

Award Edition
In New Delhi, the back streets prove hot and hazardous. Nick has to handle a band of crazed assassins, a heroin deal, a bizarre religious cult, a vengeful Indian warlord, and a new, awesomely destructive super-weapon. If he wants to stay alive he has to follow his hunches and watch out for the sign of the cobra.

Charter Reprint
Allan Wingate Hardcover Edition

Printing History
Written by James Fritzhand

Award AN 1270 1974
Charter Reprint 76346 1977
Charter Reprint 76347 1981

Tandem 18067 1977
Allan Wingate 3001 1977

Sign Of The Cobra is one of two Nick Carter titles to be issued in hardcover

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