Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cold Dark Hours by A.G. Yates

A knife-sharp insight into the powerful clashes of big business.
And the brittle passions of its men and women.

When Electronics Incorporated, the commercial colossus that employed him, pulled Kieth Kirkland back from New York to Sydney, he thought it was trouble. The trouble came in two parts. The television receiver that would not and Jason Sloan, the new boss, who wanted a fall-guy and selected Keith for the job. He was the expert who had to sell the new TV receiver to a disbelieving public. And if it failed, Kieth's head wouldn't be the one to roll. He had a fall guy and there were the distractions along the way. Distractions like Peggy Bush, the blonde secretary in his office. The girl who believed that nothing was too personal for a personal secretary. Particularly when  it helped her career. And then there was the beautiful Lavinia, Jason's wife, who had two loves and neither of them was Jason. Keith thought he had reached the end when he had to chose between career and his best friend./ But the troubles had only started. Troubles that were to end in stark tragedy and sudden death.

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