Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ladies Of The Dark by Alexander Bolton

A high-voltage tale of famous female spies.
Their loves, their lives, and their daring exploits.

Bob Maguire Covert
Some were women who prized adventure and excitement above personal safety. Some were super-patriots willing to sacrifice themselves because of their devotion to country. Others became spies because of love. But they all had much i common. They were fearless, resourceful and more than willing to sell their bodies for enemy secrets. 

Mata Hari, Belle Boyd, Delilah, Micheline Carre, Nancy Wake, and Louise de Keroualle.
These are the Ladies Of The Dark. Women who could wage a battle of wits or battle of the sexes, depending on circumstance.

Soldiers without uniforms, they played the hazardous game of espionage, asking no quarter and giving none, certainly only that their ultimate reward. If caught, would mean death.

Printing History
Written by Alexander Bolton

Monarch Books
December 1961
Cover by Bob Maguire

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