Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkish Bloodbath by Jerry Ahern

A gypsy girl holds the key to a Pandora's Box of mass murder!

George Gross Cover
The IRA wants it to blackmail Parliament. The PLO wants it to destroy Israel and Egypt. Dr. Rauffmann stole it from the Soviets to start a Fourth Reich. 

And an innocent gypsy girl buries in a garden in Istanbul to keep it safe.

Nick Carter's mission is to find it, the vial containing recombinant bacteria with grotesque and pervasive effects. Find Dr Rauffmann, its creator, and do what has to be done. With the KGB and PLO following every step of the way.

Printing History
Written by Jerry Ahern

Charter Books
82726 (December 1980)

This title is the only title to be copyrighted in the authors real name.

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