Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Removers by Donald Hamilton

Gangsters, government assassins, and two beautiful women.
Who's in the midst of it all?
Matt Helm....

Mission: #3 The Removers
A brutal journey into the bitter, silent world of a government assassin, where calculated killing occurs in subtle ways and strange places. And where wracking torture is a predictable rule of the game. Matt Helm finds himself torn between the neurotic urges of a gangster's headstrong daughter and a threat to the life of a women to whom he had once been married. 

Printing History

copyright 1961 

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
1st printing March 1961
d1969 (.50) November 1967
t2294 (.75)

Ballantine Books
1st Printing 14157 (1.95) February 1984
2nd Printing 13037 (2.95) August 1986

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