Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Golden Bull by John Stevenson

It was cheap souvenir. 
But its secret was worth millions of dollars. 
And as many lives!

George Gross Cover
A Killing in Gold!

South of the border someone  is trying to torpedo the U.S. economy by shipping enormous quantities of gold onto the black market. Whoever is behind it must be both determined and fabulously wealthy, unless an undisclosed vein has been opened, or a new source of gold discovered. Who is investing this fortune in undermining U.S. stability? And is there more to it than mere economics? Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" is on his way to find out. But first he has to clean up after one assassinated AXE agent. Investigate the stunning socialite Tina Rodriguez, and find the missing David Hawk!

Printing History
Written by John Stevenson

Charter Books
441 29782
June 1981

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