Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bribe Was Beautiful by Carter Brown

The Bribe Was Beautiful

Horwitz Photo Cover

Seymour ran the political rackets in the town, but what he wanted to run more than anything else was Rex Blair, out of town. And all because Rex was acting for a gorgeous nightclub singer Lee Tsoong, who had enough on Seymour to wreck him. Seems that Seymour and Lee had been very, very close until another doll came along. Lee then wanted $20,000 heart balm. She did not get it but it was worked for her that she didn't have to worry about money anymore. She was too dead to care. Others had ideas of wrecking Seymour, including Marius Delmar, a psuedo-arty type who'd carve up his grandmother in the interest of art, or money. Delmar made Rex a proposition which put him right in the middle. And who was there in the middle with Rex? Eve, who didn't need a Garden of Eden to play in. By the time Rex figured her part in the deal, there was nothing he could do but pray......

Printing History

Horwitz Publications, Inc
as Lethal In Love
Novel Series (1953) 

as The Bribe Was Beautiful
Numbered Series #33 (1956)

There are two titles Lethal In Love, one published in 1953 and the other is in the Numbered Series as #35 and published in 1956.

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