Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Caviar To Kill by K.T. McCall

A Johnny Buchanan Story
Society gossip had her taped....
then she made headlines in murder....

She looked like a million dollars with the money invested in all the right places. A dame like this one was apt to think she could get away with murder. So she drove off with Johnny's Caddy, leaving him a corpse to remember her by. Then Harland Whitaker interrupted Johnny's vacation to prove his daughter was innocent. While Johnny was working for Whitaker's dough and Rosemarie Tiller's lover, his boss figured that he could show a baronet's nephew how a Silver Star operator operated. Which left him demonstrating how fast Johnny can move when three dolls and a couple of over enthusiastic crime enthusiasts are on the trail. Altogether it turned out to be quite a party. With invitations out to the right people and a double killer serving out the caviar.

Printing History
Written by Audrey Armitage and Muriel Watkins

Horwtiz Publications Inc.
Johnny Buchanan Series #16 (April 1958)

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