Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kiss My Assassin by Rod Gray

Lady From LUST #6

For most spies, a kiss is just a kiss.
But for Eve Drum, it's a deadly weapon!

Eve Takes Off

The Lady's latest assignment was a hot one, even for a spy whose stock in trade was sex, whose specialty is loving, L.U.S.T told Eve.

  1. Move into a gorgeous villa on the Amaifi Coast of Italy.
  2. Spend a million dolars buying pretty things from Pucci, Gucci, Flucci...and like that.
  3. Throw banquets, parties, hold open houses and orgies..wilder the better.
  4. Kill some people.
  5. Stay alive..if you can.
Join the fun as the world's sexiest spy takes off and takes it all off in her Italian paradise turned nightmare. Only the Lady could come out on top.

Printing History
Written by Gardner F Fox (1911-1986)

Belmont Tower 
BT 50594 CDC (1973)

According to Lynn Munroe's website at LUST Checklist This title was #7 in the first series, but this book is #6 in the second series.

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  1. Can anyone help with a few pages of this book? My copy has 4 pages with the print too faint to read.