Saturday, February 11, 2012

Secret Mission: Istanbul by Don Smith

Istanbul: City of Barbaric Splendor

Espionage headquarters for both East and West.  
The city were Phil Sherman begins and ends, with this fantastic assignment.

A routine risks
You go to the sweltering seaside resort at the edge of Russia and pretend you're just another tourist. The brunette in the red bikini will make it easy for you to pick her up. Deliver the CIA message, that's all. But whe someone betrays you and a faceless voice whispers what they'll do to the golden body of the girl. And when  you  still don't crack, they abduct you in broad daylight and you're gripped by waves of unendurable pain as they torture you with careful cruelty. So you tell them everything and you lead them straight to the Russian spy trying to defect to the West. But there is one thing neither you nor the Red bully boys know. That you're all being used by the most incredible espionage plot ever either side!

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Award Books
Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
A 446 (June 1969)
AQ 1498 (October 1975)

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