Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Off At Babylon by Marvin Albert

Stone Angel #3
He's got American grit and French Savoir-Faire

Minding his own business at a favorite Nice creperie, Pete Sawyer notices a teenage girl hurrying by, with a desperate look on her face. Moments later, two cops arrive, a young actor named Bruno Ravic burst from a nearby doorway, shots are fired, and Pete's most dangerous case to date begins. The girl is Odile Garnier and her father, former Grand Prix champ Egon Mulhausser, hires Pete to find her. But what is the connection between Odile and Bruno, who is murdered just a few days later? And why do so many clues seem to lead to the Cannes Film Festival, and to a certain director? Pete Sawyer must go underground, literally, to save lives and to solve this sensational mystery

Printing History

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
449 12918
March 1987

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