Saturday, May 3, 2014

From Potter's Field by Patricia Cornwell

Entering the chilling world of Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta
And a bold, brilliant killer from her past.

Upon examining a dead woman found in snowbound Central Park, Scarpetta immediately recognizes the grisly work of Temple Brooks Gault. She soon realizes that Gault's murders are but a violent chain leading up to one ultimate kill...Scarpetta herself. Even with the help of the FBI, Scarpetta knows the endgame is hers alone to play. And it will be played on Gault's home turf, the subway tunnels beneath New York City.

Printing History
Written by Patricia Cornwell (1956-)

Charles Scribner's Son 
August 1995

Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 425 15409
August 1996

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  1. Scott - I haven't read a Patricia Cornwell in a while...