Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here! by Ed McBain

An 87th Precinct Mystery

At midnight, one day dies as another comes to life. For the men of the 87th Precinct, they all bleed together in a never-ending cycle of crime and punishment. But every now and then, a day stands out as more unusual than the others. This is one of those days. Carella and Hawes investigate a murder; Kling delves into a store-front church bombing; Meyer checks out a house haunted by larcenous ghosts; Willis and Genero look into a naked hippie’s four-story death fall; Delgado takes an assault case in the Puerto Rican barrio; and Kapek hunts a man and woman mugging team. But when a gunman kills a grocer and shoots Parker twice, the rules of the game quickly change. With Parker’s life hanging in the balance, the detectives of the 87th will stop at nothing to get their man.

Printing History
Written by Salvatore Albert Lombino (1926-2005)

copyright 1971

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  1. This is truly a classic crime fiction police procedural series. Thanks for highlighting it, Scott.