Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 USA Fiction Challenge: Idaho

The next stop in the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge is the wonderful state of Idaho

Deep Cover
By Steve Roos

 Jeff Foster goes undercover to take down a drug dealer. Part of his cover is to take flying lessons to get into contact with the company. He has to deal with how his religion will fit into a life of deceit and lies. Also a beautiful flying instructor.

Jeff Foster is a detective on the relatively small police force in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He's a devout member of his faith; he works hard, and he loves his life. But Jeff is about to experience things that no one in his mid-20s should have to experience, and his entire life is about to change because of it.  Jeff is involved in a night surveillance with his partner. They bust a small-time drug dealer, and police officials in Idaho Falls want more; they want information on the bigger dealer. The dope is clearly coming up from Las Vegas, through Salt Lake, and the guys in Idaho Falls want to know more about who in Las Vegas is moving the drugs and where they're ultimately coming from. The cops in Idaho and Vegas aren't the only ones who want that information. So does the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency, and it's ultimately up to Jeff Foster to go under cover to learn what he can.

Printing History
Written by Steve Roos

copyright 1995
Bookcraft Pubs
August 1995
ISBN 1 570 08181 6

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  1. You're making solid progress on this challenge, Scott!