Monday, May 19, 2014

The Vulgar Boatman by William G Tapply

A politician’s son gets involved in a murder, and drags Brady along with him

Tom Baron is running for governor on the Republican ticket and needs his image to be squeaky clean. He employs men like Brady Coyne, a compassionate Boston attorney, to keep problems far away from his campaign. But when his son doesn’t come home one night, Tom’s political strategy becomes a criminal matter. His son’s girlfriend has been murdered, and the boy has no alibi. To protect his friend’s political ambitions, Brady digs into the investigation, finding a trail of drugs and corruption that stretches far across the Eastern seaboard. Tom Baron may be his friend, but Brady Coyne will stomach no cover-up. If the son is guilty and Tom is involved, Brady will come down on the would-be governor with a fury that will make Boston politics look like a student council election.

Printing History
Written by William G Tapply (1940-2009)
Chivers Press
ISBN 745 19595 4
Scribner Book Company
January 1988
ISBN 684 18792 2

Ballantine Books
August 1989
ISBN 345 35577 6

Kindle Edition
August 2013

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