Wednesday, May 7, 2014

That's Piracy, My Pet by Carter Brown

Where there's murder and millions there's Mimi
The dame who collects payoffs in penthouses.....
This one you can't collect baby unless it's over my dead body.....

After the episode of the Brothers of the Golden Lily, Andy Kane swore off buccaneering like it was Chinese gin. But when a redheaded Spaniard called Carmen Diez whirled into his life.....Hell! A guy can change his mind, can't he? Especially when she was the second Carmen Diez he'd met inside of 24 hours. That spelled trouble, trouble with a a capital D for dynamite. Andy had to blast his way out of the Chinese millionaire's palace to get the Golden Eagle, and the $20,000. The payoff came when Carmen Diez (Don't ask Andy which one!) told him the eagle was phony! That left Andy in the hotseat, so he organized an escape junk for Macao. But come he is heading for Red China?

Printing History
 Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Numbered Series #51
November 1957

Second Collectors' Series 
Volume 2 Number 4
w/Meet A Body


Bird, In A Guilt-Edged Cage
International Edition Series #28 
February 1963

Het Mysterie van de Gouden Adelaar
Midderacht Series #57
 Netherlands n/d

The Guilt-Edged Cage
 New American Library
Signet Books
 #2220 November 1962
P4003 1970
Cover by Robert McGinnis 

Hong Kong Hooker
For Men Only Magazine
Volume 11 Number 10

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  1. I like that 'Guilt-Edged Cage' title a lot, Scott.