Tuesday, August 5, 2014

87th Precinct (1961-62)

The program was based on a number of detective novels 
by Ed McBain (Evan Hunter 1926-2005) 

Robert Lansing as Detective Steve Carella
Gena Rowlands as Carella's deaf-mute wife, Teddy
Ron Harper as Detective Bert Kling
Gregory Walcott as Detective Roger Havilland
Norman Fell as Detective Meyer Meyer

TV series differs from the books in that the series is explicitly set in New York. As well, the character of Roger Havilland in the books is violent, corrupt, and thoroughly disliked by the other members of the squad. For the TV series, he was transformed into an honest and respected veteran officer.

Series ran September 25, 1961 until April 30, 1962.
Total of 30 episodes

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