Sunday, August 17, 2014

USA Fiction Challenge: Massachusetts

We are rolling along on the Eastern Seaboard in the USA Fiction Challenge

 The Next Stop
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Promised Land
by Robert B Parker

Spenser is hired by Harvey Shepard to find his runaway wife, Pam. He soon locates her, but promises not to force her to return to her husband against her will. He begins to suspect that Harvey Shepard has been threatened by a big-time loan shark by the name of King Powers. Spenser leaves when he sees Hawk at Shepard's house. Harvey fires Spenser because Spenser refuses to disclose Pam's location. Pam soon becomes entangled in a bank robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a bank guard and calls Spenser for help. Spenser's dilemma is that he wants to reunite Harvey and Pam while also making sure that culprits go down for the bank guard's murder while simultaneously setting up King Powers to go to prison. He has to do all this while somehow managing to keep the Shepards and himself out of jail and still alive.

Printing History
Written by Robert B Parker (1932-2010)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN 395-24771

This title was adapted into the pilot episode of Spenser: For Hire

TV Series
Spenser For Hire (1985-1988)

Robert Urich (1946-2002)
Avery Brooks
Barbara Stock
Ron McLarty
Carolyn McCormick
Richard Jaeckel (1926-1997)

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  1. Oh, I've always liked Parker's work. Nice choice!