Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kojak (1973-1978)

"Who loves ya, baby?"

 The series was set in the New York City Police Department's Eleventh Precinct Manhattan South Patrol Borough. The show revolved around the efforts of the tough and incorruptible Lieutenant Theodore ("Theo") Kojak a bald, dapper, policeman, who was fond of Tootsie Roll Pops and using the catchphrase, "Who loves ya, baby?" Kojak was stubborn and tenacious in his investigation of crimes, cynical wit, and aa tendency to bend the rules if it brought a criminal to justice.

Telly Savalas as Lieutenant Theodore "Theo" Kojak
Dan Frazer as Captain Frank McNeil (Kojak's boss)
Kevin Dobson as Detective Robert "Bobby" Crocker
George Savalas as Sergeant Heathcliff "Fatso" Stavros
Mark Russell as Detective Percy Saperstein
Vince Conti as Detective Lionel Rizzo
 Created by Abby Mann

Series aired 
October 24, 1973, to March 18, 1978
118 Episodes

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