Friday, August 22, 2014

Triple by Ken Follett

In 1968, a secret arms race begins in the Middle East. Which nation will build a nuclear bomb first? Double and even triple agents steal each other's secrets, and the Israelis mount an incredible mission to hijack nuclear material 

As the nuclear arms race escalates in the Middle East, the Mossad, KGB, Egyptians, and Fedayeen terrorists will play out the final violent moves in a devastating game where the price of failure is nuclear holocaust...

The world's balance of power is about to shift dangerously as the ultimate weapon nears completion in a secret facility in the heart of the desert. Across the globe, operatives from the great nations set a deadly game in motion, covertly maneuvering pawns and kings to achieve a frightening advantage--while terrorists and their hunters prepare for the contest's final, bloody moves. And one man--a razor-sharp master of disguise, deceit, and triple-cross--must somehow do the impossible: steal 200 tons of uranium without any of the other players discovering the theft.

Printing History
Written by Ken Follett (1949- ) 

Arbor House 
October 1979 
ISBN 877 95223 

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