Thursday, August 28, 2014

Her Halo In Headlines by Marc Brody

"You're propositioning me?"
"That's right Marc, help me start a revolution...."

Marc kept a downtown rendezvous with a dame and finished up investigating her murder, or maybe it was an accident. But either way one could not forget she was associated with Sophia Nesbitt, the dame who had everything a man wants. Except one could not trust her and she was tied  up with a South American revolution conspiracy that made a murdering double cross look like a kid's game. So when Marc gets talked into the plot, and if there's a faster way of dying than in South American revolution, don't let him know. But, as Raymond Thompson said, it was a big story. So here he is in the middle of a revolution fighting on the wrong side, and the way it looks. If he wins or loses he would have to face either Karin Hedberg or General Tutay and his two murderous offsiders. Anyone traveling North?

Printing History
Written by W. H. ‘Bill’ Williams

Horwitz Publications Inc.
for and on behalf of Transport Publishing Company

Marc Brody Series
June 1957

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