Saturday, April 3, 2021

A Bullet For Fidel by Valerie Moolman

A Bullet For Fidel
by Valerie Moolman

The Doomsday weapon in Cuban hands threaten to explode World War III

Cuba.....International spy-nest festering 90 mile from America's shore. The eyes of Nick Carter had pierce the camouflage covering the Doomsday missiles. But the eyes had pierced Nick's disguise, too. He was in Carmella's arms when the man with the sword cane arrived, planning to neutralize two traitors with a single stroke.

They found the first agent dead, his corpse mutilated and bloody. Before dying he left one clue. The word "star" written in his own blood on the filthy floor. So began Nick Carter's mission, a hunt and destroy mission for a doomsday weapon in Fidel Castro's hands!

Bonus Cover

Printing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Conde Nast Publications, Inc
Award Books
1st Printing: March 1965 (A130)
2nd Printing: July 1966 (A130)
3rd Printing: August 1966 (A130)
4th Printing: 1973 (AN1271)

Tandem Books
ISBN 426-3914
ISBN 426-12562

Star Books
ISBN 352-30468

Brown Watson Ltd
Digit House

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