Friday, April 23, 2021

Leftover Lust by John Dexter

Leftover Lust
by John Dexter

Sin-Sated Wantons Still Passion-Mad With......

Torture Master
Anton Lupescu steps from the depraved past of war torn Europe to reconstruct his evil practices in America. His first victim is former helper, Magda, the lovely blonde wife of Frank Dane. Lupescu had more than enough photographic evidence of her European orgies to force her to perform any evil bidding he could desire. So, at Lupescu's instructions, Magda departs on a wildly seductive tour that leaves Jerry Parker, Bill Adams, Lupescu himself, and many more panting on the sidelines. Until death itself cancels a past due bill for Lupescu and leaves Magda searching the love hungry Village for a shameless murderer...

Printing History
Written by John Dexter

Evening Reader
ER 715
December 1963

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