Friday, April 30, 2021

The Terrible Ones by Valerie Moolman

The Terrible Ones
by Valerie Moolman

The Chicoms called it "Operation Blast" N3 knew it would boil the Caribbean into a sea of turbulent passions and international disaster.

The Master Spy
The Chinese Communists were not sunning themselves in beautiful Dominica. Not by a long shot! And "Operation Blast" was no cute name for a drinking contest. Trujillo's last diabolical joke had left a hundred million dollars in potential munitions money for the war mongers to snap at, a fortune in gold and jewels buried somewhere on the island, hidden right under everybody's nose!

The Chicoms knew their "Operation Blast" could ring the US with the worlds biggest funeral wreath. Voodoo drums throbbed in the Caribbean night. Weird Djuba cries were in the air. And if Nick Carter did not have his hands full with the Communist crape hangers and the fanatic Fidelistos, there were always those beautiful women called "The Terrible Ones" to keep him occupied.

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Publishing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Conde Nast Publications, Inc
Award Books
1st Printing May 1966 (A172)
2nd Printing January 1968 (A310X)
3rd Printing 1969 (A310X)
4th Printing 1970 (A310X)

Mayflower Dell
1st Printing 1968 (8619-8)
2nd Printing 1970 (583-11175)
3rd Printing 1970 (583-11175)
4th Printing 1974 (583-11175)

WH Allen & Co, Ltd
Star Books
1st Printing 1979 (352-30421)

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