Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spy Castle by Manning Lee Stokes

Spy Castle
by Manning Lee Stokes

Britain's top secret group, infiltrated and subvert for world conquests!

A 50 megaton nuclear missile is launched from Scotland and detonates over the North Pole. A terrorist named Pendragon delivers an ultimatum to heads of state in London, Paris, Rome and Bonn. Russia and United States are excluded. The British secret service contacts AXE for assistance.

The missile launch is traced to Blackscape, an island in the Orkney archipelago controlled by Lord Hardesty, the richest man in the world. His objective is to provoke the destruction of Russia. Nick Carter heads to the north coast of Scotland to begin his investigation. He meets Gwen Leith one of two British Special Branch agents assigned to the mission and under his command. 

Publishing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes (1911-1976)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Conde Nast Publications, Inc
First Award Printing (A166F) January 1966
Second Award Printing (A289X) September 1967
First Tandem Printing  1966
Second Tandem Printing (T174) September 1967
Third Tandem Printing 1973
Fourth Tandem Printing 1975

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