Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dubrovnik Massacre by Henry Rasof and Steve Williamson

Nick Carter is plunged into a desperate mission by Marshall Tito's deathbed behest!

George Gross Cover
When Tito discovered a plot to sabotage Yugoslav autonomy, his only possible confident was his oldest enemy, Dusan Ankavic the dissident. And the only person Ankavic can turn to now that Tito is dead is Nick carter. But when Ankavic meets with an "accident" on his way to the rendezvous, Nick is stuck with the dissident's beautiful daughter Katrina. Between them they cross the mountains to Dubrovnik, braving the fanatical Blood of Croatia fighters and OZNA, the secret police. Nick's mission is to find and destroy the spurious documents being used to undermine the Yugoslav government. Before the Soviet block swallows up another nations!

Printing History
Written by Henry Rasof and Steve Williamson

Charter Books
441 17014
July 1981

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