Monday, October 31, 2011

War From The Clouds by Joseph L. Gilmore

Ancient rivalries threaten peace in the hemisphere!

George Gross Cover
Island of Death!
Nicarxa and Apalca. Idyllic island republics in the Caribbean. Until Don Carlos Italla, monk turned warlord and guerrilla leader, chooses one of them for as hideout.  In a bizarre struggle for power and influence in the Americas, Nick Carter "Killmaster", AXE agent N3, has to ferret out the guerrillas and fend off the Cuban marine forces. All without the official recognition of the U.S. government! Deep in the tropical mountains, Alto Arete stands, an impregnable fortress. Nick Carter's job is to conquer it and Don Carlo's crazed army of "monks" before peace in the Western Hemisphere becomes no more than a fond memory!

Printing History
Written by Joseph L Gilmore

Charter Books
87192 (November 1980)

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