Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ace In The Hole by Gene Curry

Saddler #6
Jim joins Butch Cassidy and a camp full of hot women for good times in the badlands!

A hell of a hole in the wall!
Jim Saddler was down on his last buck in a cat-house in Jackson Hole when the infamous Butch Cassidy and his boys stormed in. The outlaws, looking for a reliable gun, pressed Saddler into joining up. Jim was in no position to refuse, especially when Cassidy took him along to the gang's impregnable Hole in the Wall hideout. Once there, Saddler found the good side of an awkward situation. The presence of more than a few unattached women eager for attention. But things go too hot too fast. When he wasn't robbing trains, Saddler had to service his share of outlaw women, including Cassidy's girl, the beautiful Etta Place. Then there was "Mad Dog" Harry Tracy who forced a showdown with Butch for control of the gang. With Jim and his women caught right in the line of fire!

Printing History
Written by Peter McCurtin (1929-1997)

Tower Publications, Inc
Tower Books
ISBN 505 51660

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